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Week of the Sizzler

23/04/2024 - 30/04/2024

23rd - 30th April
Take your tastebuds on a stroll through your favourite cuts of beef as part of our tailored steak-heavy menu.


Indulge your inner carnivore and join us for this week-long celebration of the rich and varied world of beef.

From marbled fatty streaks packed with flavour to the tenderest cuts that melt in your mouth, we provide the means for meat lovers to explore sensational steaks that will leave an impression long after it’s left your plate.

Our standard menu will be offered alongside our limited-edition steaks, with our specials cuts showcasing throughout the end of April.

Fancy making a night of it? Make a booking ahead-of-time and guarantee yourself a cosy bed to complement your meaty feast.

Our Specials will Include:

  • Irish Fillet Centre Cut 14oz (serves 2) – the prized cut from the fillet, exceptionally tender and lean.
  • Thor’s Hammer (serves 4) – Slow braised Welsh beef shin, cooked on the bone for exceptional flavour.
  • English Rib Eye 10z – considered the chef’s choice and one of the tastiest and most elegantly flavoured steaks.
  • Welsh Picanha Steak 8oz – this prized cut of meat holds ample amounts of flavour and has a texture similar to sirloin, best cooked medium-rare.

Terms and conditions apply. Subject to availability. No booking required as steaks available as specials on the day.