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SCALE at Principality Stadium


Discover a world above the Principality Stadium roof and prepare to be amazed by Cardiff's breathtaking skyline and get a bird's eye view of The Parkgate Hotel.

SCALE at Principality Stadium

This is your opportunity to SCALE Cardiff’s iconic Principality Stadium. With The Parkgate Hotel situated directly next door, it will feel within touching distance and offer you a unique bird’s eye view of our iconic hotel and city’s horizons.

Prepare to be amazed by Cardiff’s breathtaking skyline as you reach THE CLIMB. Traverse the roof’s edge whilst taking-in a bird’s eye view of the pitch and 75,000-seater stadium below before scaling the Stadium’s mast and whooshing through the air on THE ZIP WIRE across the canopy – not for the faint-hearted! Finally descend back to earth via THE DROP, if you dare!

For all enquiries, please contact the SCALE team directly via email at info@scalethestadium.wales.

How to Book

Visit the SCALE website for more information and bookings.